Offerings may change as we adjust to COVID restrictions. Currently offered:

Kettlebell Conditioning

Limited to ten participants, this is a high energy full hour workout using kettlebells and other equipment as feasible during COVID. Classes are held outdoors/indoors and participants are spread out across our parking lot or have the option to work out indoors with masks. Please bring any checked out kettlebells and/or resistance bands with you to class. Recommended: yoga mat.

Kettlebell Zoom

The same high energy workout you love from the comfort of your living room. Participants can check out bells and resistance bands from the gym. Contact Ashley or Amanda.

No Sweat Kettlebell

Offered both online and in person, this back to basics kettlebell workout lasts 30 minutes and is paced with newer clients and clients just getting back into the swing of things in mind. Don’t let the name fool you, though….you will sweat!

Bodyweight Zoom

This 30 minute online workout will use nothing but that amazing bod of yours to get your sweat on.