During the COVID-19 stay-at-home order, Warrior Room is offering on-line classes via Zoom for a $5 drop in fee. Our Virtual Group class is designed for use of a kettlebell and a resistance band. It is not recommended for anyone without kettlebell experience. Our Bodyweight Zoom is an all-levels 30 minute workout. We are offering unlimited monthly pricing of $39. We are also offering FREE kids classes, designed with ages 4-11 in mind, but all ages are welcome.

We offer a wide variety of classes designed for those who are new to kettlebell or any form of structured physical fitness routine to the advanced kettlebell user or elite athlete. No matter what your level, our goals are safety, fun, and an inclusive environment.

New to the Warrior Room? Start by signing up for an Open Gym time, which is loaded onto your account when you register with our scheduling system, Pike13. This will allow you some one on one time with one of our coaches to assess where you are currently with your fitness goals and answer any questions you have about the Warrior Room. Feel free to email us ahead of time with any questions, as well, at

Please be aware that, because this is GROUP fitness, class will be cancelled if there are less than two people registered for the session. For this reason, we encourage people to sign up early!

Open Gym (New, Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

New clients will be assessed and coached through basic movements during open gym. Existing cilents may do the workout on the board (self-led), work independently on strength goals, or do their testing. A coach will be available to answer questions and assist with form. Each new client receives one free open gym drop-in. Open gym time is included with unlimited membership. Drop-in fee of $10 for all other members/$20 for non-members.

TRX Circuit Training (Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

TRX suspension training will help you to build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries. Add in other modalities such as battle rope, mini-hurdle, medicine ball, jump rope, sandbag, and kettlebells (used for isolation and strength only; no swings involved), and you’ve got a fun, high intensity workout for any fitness level.

Kettlebell Conditioning (Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

An all level, highly technical, strength based work out. From fundamental kettlebell moves to more complicated maneuvers, this one hour class’ main objective is to familiarize warriors with core kettlebell exercises, while refining form and building endurance. Each work out will be customized to each warrior’s ability in the class and will include grind and ballistic movements to get the heart rate up and the muscles burning.

Simple and Sinister (Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

Boxing Conditioning (Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

1/2 Tabata 1/2 Isolation(Beginner, Experienced, Advanced):

Max and Mobility (Experienced, Advanced):

Warrior Workout (Experienced, Advanced):

The Big Momma
Must be cleared by a coach before taking this class. This is the big gulp of the Warrior Room – for a brutally intense 90-minutes, we offer a one-off weekly work out that will focus on blasting calories leaving you with detox grade shakes. Not for wimps or wieners, you’ll be empty faced after this once a week punishing work out.